Dez Ryan Odegaard, principal of Dez Ryan Studio worked as an artist and designer in NYC for 35 years.  She is best known for the elegant, art-based lamps she made from 1990-2010.  Her distinctive style, informed by her background as a sculptor (MFA) and art historian (MA), ranged from the idiosyncratic to the truly classic.  It was a natural segue to move from lighting and an ongoing involvement in the art world into interior design, interior redesign an art consulting.  Relocated to Naples, FL and Castine, ME, the interior design services of Dez Ryan Studio have been added as a sister business to Odegaard art + design.
Home is an expression of one’s individuality and lifestyle. This is best accomplished when each space fulfills its intended purpose and all the spaces function together harmoniously. In addition to meeting this criteria,  Dez Ryan Studio works to facilitate high quality interiors that reflect the aesthetic point of view of the client, and to present fresh ideas and creative possibilities that result in a newly inspired view of their home. 
Interior redesign is the process of refreshing a client’s home using primarily existing furnishings and accessories — repurposing, recombining, rearranging, culling and curating. Occasionally, existing furnishings are augmented with the purchase of additional furniture, art or accessories.  If the client wants interior paint color recommendations, that is also part of this service.
Successful staging can be a key to selling your home quickly and at the best price.  It is the process of decluttering and reorganizing everything in your home to accentuate all its positive features.  The goal is to transform it into an environment where every potential buyer can imagine how their own furnishings will fit and function in it.  

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